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The pandemic brought about lockdowns but it also forged new connections, new adventures and made way for dreams to be actualised.


Jackson Cricket officially welcomed its first cohort in the Summer of 2020. Parents, coaches, players had asked for more opportunities within the private coaching space and the timing became ideal and Simon executed.


We have proudly and successfully organized and completed multiple holiday courses for players in both the participation and performance pathways. We have run joint, specialty skill Master Classes and conducted one-on-one, as well as small group training sessions.


We pride ourselves in providing high value cricket experiences for all our clients as we introduce them to the wonders of this multi-faceted sport.

It is our intention to expand our offering within the near future and invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

One-To-One Coaching
Jersey Cricket Team
Cricket Equipment
Small Group Sessions
Cricket Player play
Cricket Player nature
Small Group Sessions
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