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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines how Jackson Crickets collects, uses and discloses your Personal Information when you use our website or book a session, including the reasons behind the usage of potential media during holiday camps and private coaching, as well as the avenues that such media would be used.. The Policy also covers reasons for our players medical information, in order to keep the sessions as safe as possible. Lastly, the Policy describes our Safeguarding responsibilities.


Jackson Cricket is the controller and responsible for your personal data (collectively referred to as ”COMPANY”, “we”, “us” or “our” in this privacy notice).

Data Protection

Jackson Cricket will use the information provided when booking to administer your child's/ward's cricketing activity at our events. In some cases this may require us to disclose the information to county boards and ECB. In the event of a medical issue or child protection issue arising, we may disclose certain information to doctors or other medical specialists and/or police, children's social care, the courts and potentially to legal and other advisers involved in an investigation.  

It is important that the personal data we hold about you is accurate and current. Please keep us informed if your personal data changes during your relationship with us.

Media Consent

Jackson Cricket only intends to use media (in the form of photography and videography) appropriately for business purposes. If you feel as though our images videos are inappropriate in anyway, please inform us immediately. Please see our reasons for use below: 

  • Promote business on Jackson Cricket website and/or social media platforms.

  • Advertise our services via the google SEO settings. 

  • Advertise images on billboards and banners held at events.

  • Email marketing to promote upcoming events.

You should also be aware that live streaming may be taking place. Jackson Cricket follows the guidance issued in Safe Hands, the ECB’s Child Safeguarding Policy. Videos and other recorded images may be taken as coaching aids. This material will be stored securely in a GDPR compliant way in line with the Data Protection ACT 2018 and deleted or destroyed when no longer required. 

Jackson Cricket will ask all parents/guardians/participants to give permission for photographs and videos to be taken, and we ensure that these images/videos are used solely for the purpose outlined above. 

Medical Consent

In an emergency situation, Jackson Cricket may act in Loco Parentis, if the need arises for the administration of emergency first aid and/or medical treatment which in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner may be necessary. I also understand that in such occurrence that all reasonable steps will be taken to contact the parent/guardian/named contact provided. 

Safeguarding - Child Welfare

All qualified Jackson Cricket cricket coaches have attended best practice in child welfare courses and Jackson Cricket subscribe and adhere to the guidelines set out by "Safe Hands" the ECB's Child Protection Policy.

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